The Dream On Foundation is run by husband and wife team, Kim Masters and Paul Harris.

It was born from Kim’s passion to want to help people. As we both had a desire to run our own businesses, we started coming up with ideas, and as we talked we came up with an idea called Dream On.

It is safe to say, that at the start we were very good at talking about our ideas, and not putting them into action. This all changed in November 2010.

In October 2010, we were married in South Africa; as we were getting off the plane after landing at Heathrow airport, Kim collapsed and was rushed off to hospital, where she was diagnosed with two blood clots to her lungs. It was this life changing moment that made us decide that we had to stop talking, and start actioning; so the Dream On Foundation was born.


Kim was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She studied English and Industrial Psychology, Bookkeeping courses, Accounts 1 through UNISA and then a post graduate diploma in Business Administration.

She moved to London in 1998 where she took up various rolls in finance.

In 2009, Kim took the plunge into the world of being self employed, and started Masters Bookkeeping Services.

Despite being self employed, the roles Kim was taking on still did not fulfil her desire to help people; in 2014 she re-branded her business to Master Accounting & Training Solutions, with a focus on how she could help businesses develop their finances and finance departments, in order to grow their business.

Outside of finance, Kim also loves writing. For a short period of time she was a freelance journalist, with articles published in Here’s Health, TNT and Writers News. In 2012 she guest blogged for the Metro for the Olympics and Paralympics.

Kim is also passionate about all things health related. She has studied Shiatsu, Reiki and Swedish Massage; and has read many books relating to health, healing and nutrition.

Paul was born in Gloucester, England. After completing his A-Levels, this country boy headed for London (something to do with streets being paved with gold). His brother set him up with work at The Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge, and a career in hospitality was born.

The early days were filled with lugging around the suitcases of the rich and famous. Progression took him to The Dorchester (where he almost ended a Pop Goddess’ career with a lift door), 51 Buckingham Gate and Covent Garden Hotel.

Fed up with the low pay and long hours, Paul jumped from the hospitality ship, and took his career on a totally different tangent. With an eye on trying to earn more money, he decided to enter into a career in one of the most adored and loved industries; he became a lettings agent……

Despite lasting the course for 6 years, his lettings career soon came to an abrupt end when his manager told him he was doing so badly, that it was reaching the point where it was not worth him coming to work!

Paul stayed in property and became a Property Manager, (where he has been more successful, and less stressed about money, or lack of earning it) where he progressed to helping manage the team.

Paul is also passionate about the written word, and started Masters & Harris Books, where they sell second hand books, from paperbacks to first editions. He has also put his hand to writing, and completed his first novel, Rotten Apples, which he self published on Amazon Kindle (there are sequels in the planning).

To find out more about what makes us tick, visit www.mastersandharris.com.